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1 BNB = 30,000 GET Tokens

10 Billion

10-01-2021 – 12-31-2023

Join the green evolution

Join the green revolution in cryptocurrency via smart contracts & comprehensive renewable energy solutions.

Securing the sustainable energy future

We offer solutions to crypto companies for energy efficiency, clean energy and greenhouse gas emission offsets.

What is GET Token?

The GET Token is a green coin that will invest in renewable energy infrastructure and resources around the world. Our tokens will provide the cryptocurrency market with the ability to offset their fossil fuel energy consumptions through blockchain technology.

GET Token Contract Address



Crystal Clean Energy, Inc. founded in 2021 as a renewable energy resource company for the cryptocurrency industry with a visionary goal: To bring decentralized renewable energy resources to crypto mining and large institutional transaction networks, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-20. Most non-fungible tokens are built using the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, which allow developers to issue unique crypto assets via smart contract.

Our vision is to reduce environmental issues around cryptocurrency minting and offer more sustainability solutions to the entire cryptocurrency industry.
Our mission is to help cryptocurrency mining companies, transactional networks and large crypto institutional firms achieve their environmental goals in the most sustainable way possible. We attain that by offering renewable energy resources, through decentralized smart contracts and a large network of suppliers of renewable energy credits and carbon-related offset commodities.
Our core team has experience and has converged from many different backgrounds to accomplish our mission and bring our vision to the forefront. While we celebrate the opportunity to provide real solutions to the problem of mining and transacting cryptocurrency in today’s environment.


The Leadership Team

Julius Webb

Julius Webb

Chief Executive Officer


Maulana Al-Hasan

Chief Technical Officer



Digital Marketer

Anik Hossain

Md Anik Hossain

Marketing Advisor


Phase I
Green Energy Coin (GET) Financing Project Start-Up Governance Token Launch, January '24
  • Preparations
  • Marketing & Brand awareness
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • Token Listing
  • Partnerships & Integrations
  • Research
Phase II
Renewable Energy Certificate Token (REC) Token Launch Oct '24
  • Renewable Energy Certificate Token (REC)
  • Launch of renewable tradable token October 24
  • Launch of renewable non-token for retiring on
  • Behalf of cryptocurrency energy consumptions
  • with blockchain technology  
  • Token Listing
Phase III
Carbon Credit Offset Token (CCO) Token Launch Jan '25
  • Carbon Credit Offset Token (CCO)
  • Launch of carbon credit offset  tradable token January 25
  • Launch of carbon credit offset non-token for retiring on
  • Behalf of cryptocurrency energy consumptions with
  • blockchain technology
  • Token Listing


Cystal Clear Energy, Inc. the owner of Green Energy Token will invest in renewable energy resources that will focus on the fossil fuel usage in the cryptocurrency industry. Token built to provide the cryptocurrency market the ability to offset their fossil fuel energy consumptions. The main idea behind this GreenToken is purchasers of the coin will be able to sale/trade/hold their coin for investment purposes. The Green Energy Token will operate first on the Ethereum blockchain (BEP-20) with emphasis on integrateing into Bitcoin blockchain. Each Coin/token will be backed by renewable energy resource assets such as solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy infrastructural. 50,000 tokens or more pre-sale purchasers will be allowed to govern green energy coin.

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